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Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Robert Hough. I am a well known Mathematician, banned from several casinos all over the world. You might not heard of my name. But ask around amongst all the casino high-rollers and my name will come to light. Professional gamblers like myself do not rely on luck, but Mathematics to beat the odds.

Couple of years back, I decided that since I cannot showoff my skills at the tables, I will make an even easier living from the comfort of my home- by wagering on soccer games (football matches).  

I have been living comfortably since. My team has expanded from a one-man operation back then by myself to a team of 6 men today. Each of them is hand-picked and highly trained by myself to observe and spot winning soccer tips for my clients, as well as provide professional coaching lessons for our clients. Two members of my team have also worked for reputable bookmakers before. Hence, we know exactly for what reason and how the odds are set for various games.  

Forget about paying for things such as “Insider's Soccer Tips” on the internet. Although we believe the existent of match-fixing in football games, many of these soccer picks are not only highly expensive but also inconsistent in the long run at best. Our Mathematical formulas for winning are for the long term. If you would rather bet on information from hear-say rather than steel-proofed winning formulas, then by all means be our guest. We are look for punters who are keen on proven winning strategies.

As a matter of fact, there is money to be made everywhere. You can put your money into stocks, bonds, funds, or even real estate. Of course in each market, there will be risk. Football betting should also be taken as a form of investment. 

Every successful investment requires sound strategies, lots of patience, and most importantly, a good mentor with a proven track record which is consistent. Hundreds of people have opened up their minds and entrusted their betting monies with us, and we have not disappointed them since. My team and I will show you exactly how to debunk the myths of soccer betting once and for all.

Do remember that is not your average tipping site that provides football tips. We also provide interested parties with comprehensive virtual classroom coaching that will allow them to be an expert in this field as well. Members who attended our carefully thought out lessons will be well-equipped to make informed decisions on their own with regards to football betting, independent of all the so-called 'soccer tips' as provided by many other tips providers, therefore a huge savings in the long run. With the new found strategies you learn from us, you will now have an added edge over the bookmakers.  


Watch n' Learn!


We do not encourage the purchase of tips, even from us. Unless you are the lazy sort, knows completely nothing about football or have no time to analyze the various football teams and the odds fluctuations, then only purchase the tips from us. Our intention right from the start is clear- to teach you ‘how to fish’ rather than ‘providing you with the fishes’.

Our prestigious record speaks for itself. For the last three football seasons, all of our clients have consistently posted profits of about $10,000 to over $150,000. Of course, the more you bet, the higher your earnings. The $150,000 profit was raked in by our top performing client who was with us for a solid 11/2 years. We do not recommend new clients to lump in such huge amount of betting money from the start. The risk is huge as compared to those people who have learnt all of the dirty money-making secrets from us.

Before you head over to see what we have on offer, we suggest you read through the Special Guides we have for you. They were written partly by us and partly by experts from other sites which we have compiled and hereby presenting them to you in a easily digestible manner. We are sure such advises, as simple as they may seem, will aid you in the combat against your bookmakers.

When you’re all ready for the more complex stuff and want to start earning the cash, then head on to see what we have on offer.


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A Little Background Knowledge

We were first established in 2000. As mentioned earlier, I started off this company myself. Based in Hong Kong, 2007 was the historical year when we launched our first online website to extend our reach to the worldwide market of football punters.

Our team is currently the biggest and the only website to be conducting lessons on football betting. We are proudly known to be the most experienced and successful football tipping service provider in the Asia region. Fellow Hong Kong and Macau users would have also seen our advertisements on TV.

My safe and effective model minimizes risk and maximizes return to the point that the employees of are also following the system as well, and are living proof of its success.

An important note here: We do not encourage gambling but instead, as mentioned, treat football betting as a careful and disciplined investment. Our winning model does not depend on a single event or match but rather, on a longer term basis. If you are a gambler who enjoys taking risk and are willing to place all your stakes on one single high payoff game, then sadly, we do not recommend our service to you.

We wish all punters success in their football investments and look forward to be working with you some time soon!


Cheers to your success,

Robert Hough


"Are you still losing soccer bets on a daily basis? Or only earning a few hundred dollars a week? It's time to change all these. If you are NOT stupid, I can help you make 5 figures a month- THIS VERY INSTANT!"- Robert

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